Hail Mary Challenge

ONE MILLION HAIL MARY’S FOR THE YOUTH OF OUR PARISH:  Three is a perfect number.  It’s the number of the Trinity.  As I said, I think it would be good to finish off our Hail Mary program with one more million.  (I promise this is the last million).  What better thing to pray for than our youth of our parish?  To recap, we prayed the first million for the conversion of people in our parish community and in our families. The second million Hail Mary’s were for families of our parish.  And now we are praying for Youth.  Why?  Because youth need our prayers more than ever today.  It has to be very challenging for our youth to stay true to their faith in a culture that no longer respects religious values and can even be very anti-religious.  So please keep sending in those Hail Mary’s! Fr. Henry

Don’t forget to deposit the number of Hail Mary’s prayed in the box at the front entrance of church or email them to onemillionhailmarys@outlook.com