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Conscience Protection for Nova Scotia Doctors

Imagine a healthcare system where death is considered a therapeutic treatment. Imagine being a Christian doctor in that system. Imagine being told by your medical regulator that you are abandoning your patient if you don’t make arrangements for them to get an assessment for euthanasia. That healthcare system is in Nova Scotia today. The Nova Scotia medical regulator has a policy that forces physicians to refer patients for euthanasia and other controversial procedures. Thirty courageous Christian physicians have told Nova Scotia’s medical regulator that they cannot abide by this policy.

When they are at their most vulnerable, people may choose euthanasia if they don’t have suitable options to live. We need physicians who will go the extra mile to ensure their patients are connected with the support and services they need. Nova Scotia’s physicians are too important to patient care to be sacrificed for the sake of an unnecessary policy.

Write the Nova Scotia regulator today to tell them you want this policy to be changed before their May 24th meeting.

To sign the petition, go to the website below:

Also, you can download and send in this petition to our Premier and others involved in this decision:

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