Divine Renovation Conference

Fr. James Mallon iDivine renovations a priest in our diocese.  He wrote a book not long ago about how he is rebuilding his parish.  This past week he held a conference where priest and lay people came from all over the world to see what he is doing.  Over 600 people attended.  I (Fr. Henry) was there on Wednesday for a day for the priests.  You may be interested in looking to see what went on there.  Here are some of the sessions from the two days.  Have a look.

Monday Sessions

Tuesday Sessions


Matt and Joe


AN EVENING TO AWAKEN THE MIND AND HEAL THE HEART Joe Zambon & Matt Nelson will be coming to do a series of retreats at various parishes. We are very fortunate that they will be at St. Ambrose June 20 & 21 6:30-9:00pm both nights. Joe is a Christian musician from Ontario. He works in a college chaplaincy office where he benefits from being surrounded by students who are searching for meaning. As they share their joys and sorrows with him, his empathetic heart overflows into his songwriting. Joe has travelled across Canada, USA, India, Australia and New Zealand, sharing his reflective, soaring folk songs. You can listen to some of his music at: www.youtube.com/user/joezambonmusic

Matt Nelson is a writer and speaker from Saskatchewan specializing in Catholic apologetics and evangelization. He also contributes to WordOnFire.org & StrangeNotions.com. He has a website www.reasonablecatholic.com