1,000,000 Hail Mary Challenge:

May is the month of Mary. Beginning on May 1st, our parish  embarked on the challenge to pray 1,000,000 Hail Mary’s for the “Conversion of our family members who are no longer practicing their faith or who have lost their relationship with Our Lord Jesus Christ.”

We all have family members whether it’s parents, siblings, children or grandchildren who are no longer going to church or who may have stopped believing. Our Blessed Mother knows the anguish of many of the hearts of believers concerning their family members who no longer practice their faith. So we’re praying for her intercession for their return to the faith and a relationship with Jesus.

1,000,000 Hail Mary’s may seem a daunting feat, but it can be achieved. Just one person praying one rosary a day for a year would pray close to 20,000 Hail Mary’s. Even if a family of four takes 30 seconds before or after a meal once a day and pray a Hail Mary together there would be another 28 Hail Mary’s at the end of the week. This is multiplied if the rosary gets said before Sunday Mass. Don’t forget too, that we also have many people in our nursing homes who can help us.

You’re probably thinking, “This sounds great Fr. Henry, but are a million Hail Mary’s really possible?” This same project was just finished in Amherst with less people. Some the results that came from it are very encouraging. Individuals, even some youth, started coming back to church. Young people who didn’t know how to recite the Hail Mary and are now leading it before supper. Some adults have started praying the rosary for the first time or are getting back to it after a number of years.

We all want a church that’s thriving here in Yarmouth, but this won’t happen on it’s own. We can do a lot of fancy programs, but all this won’t really come to much if prayer is not a part of it. I encourage you to take on this challenge.

To keep track of how we are doing, you can either email the number of Hail Mary’s you say to onemillionhailmarys@outlook.com or you can write down the number on a piece of paper and deposit it in the box at the front entrance of the Church.   The total of Hail Mary’s prayed May 1-21 is 138,621

Fr. Henry


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