Cemetery Info


Our Lady of Calvary Cemetery was established in 1893 and is located on 133 Forest Street, across from the new high school. The Cemetery property is owned by the Roman Catholic Episcopal Corporation of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.



Our Lady of Calvary Cemetery is funded through donations and the sale of services including: lot sales, perpetual funds, openings and closings and the construction of foundations.


How to purchase a lot:

Lot sales are arranged through the offices of St. Ambrose Church located at 65 Green Street in the St. Ambrose Parish Center.  Phone 902-742-7151.

Perpetual Care:

All lots sold at Our Lady of Calvary Cemetery are “perpetual care” lots and the one-time perpetual care fee is included in the price of the lot.  Perpetual care includes the basic care of the lot, which may include mowing, trimming, top-soil replacement, seeding, and any other improvements as necessary.  It does not include the placement of flowers or any other items on or near the lot.


Donations made to Our Lady of Calvary Cemetery are always welcome and are a key revenue source for the financial stability of the Cemetery.  If at any time you wish to make a donation, please visit the St. Ambrose office.  All donations are tax-deductible.  A receipt is available upon request.

Interment Restrictions:

There will be no interments on weekends or holidays except under exceptional circumstances, for which there will be additional fees.

Suggested fee for funeral service:

There is a suggested fee for the funeral service, all of which goes to St. Ambrose Church.

  • Funeral: $ 200.00.
  • An additional offering to the officiating clergy is optional.

Items Placed on the Lot:

Monuments/Foundations–  Clients must make all arrangements regarding monuments and foundations with the company of their choice.  Only one monument is permitted per single grave lot.  Monuments must not encroach on the lot of another.  Flat markers are required to be 1 inch below the surface, for the reason of perpetual care.  No monument, foundations, or stones shall be installed on-site unless perpetual care lot fees have been paid.  Monuments or stones will not be accepted at the cemetery from November 1 to April 1 of each year.

Wreaths, flowers, shrubs, copings, fencing, trees, markers, etc.– In order that perpetual care of the cemetery can be properly provided, lease support us in adhering to the following Guidelines:

  • Artificial decorations (artificial flowers, etc.) may be used provided that they are securely attached to the monument.
  • No enclosures of any nature, such as fences, copings, hedges, or ditches shall be around any part of the lot.
  • No trees, shrubs or perennials shall be planted or removed without the expressed consent of the cemetery supervisor.
  • No glass jars or breakable containers are to be left on the lots.
  • No markers are allowed above ground level.
  • After interment the wreaths will be removed after a one month period.

*** note: the cemetery staff has the authority to trim, prune, or remove shrubs, plants or anything on the lot that does not adhere to cemetery standards.